Stuff You Can Do

Are you wondering what you (yes, you!) can do to help improve gender parity in theatre? Well, we think you’re swell and we’ve assembled this list of some simple things everyone can do to help improve equality for women in theatre.

Go see shows that are written/directed/designed by women.

Did you see a show that you loved that was written/directed/designed by a woman? Or had an awesome female protagonist?   Tell your friends, tell your social media followers, tell the people standing in front of you in line for coffee. And tell the company that produced it (theatre companies are people too—sometimes they need a pat on the back).

Write/e-mail/tweet your local theatre company and request they produce and hire more women.

Are you still in school? Suggest your theatre department/drama club put on shows written by women.

If you see a sexist remark or biased coverage in a theatre publication write/email/tweet the editor and tell them that you expect better.