The Interval

is a theatre website, founded to be a virtual home for female voices of the theatre, with the goals of:


Changing the conversation around women in theatre by asking smart ladies smart questions for a smart audience.


Promoting gender parity in theatre.


Creating a place to explore the diverse nature of creativity, storytelling, and careers in the theatre.


Bridging the gap between Broadway and Off-Broadway; plays and musicals; and on-stage and behind the scenes.

The Interval

The smart girls’ guide to theatricality.

To learn more about why The Interval was founded please see our Letter from the Editor. Since launching in August of 2014, The Interval has been featured in The New York Times (twice, even), The Guardian, The Associated Press, New York Magazine‘s “28 Reasons Why New York Theater is Thriving,” Longread‘s “Top 5 of the Week,” and more.



Editor-in-Chief: Victoria Myers

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webphotovlmVictoria Myers: Victoria is the editor-in-chief of The Interval where she interviewed numerous Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winners and nominees, and has conceived The Interval’s special projects and events. After seeing her first I Love Lucy episode at the age of three, she decided trying to put on a show was a perfectly normal preoccupation. She plans to create and star in a multiple Emmy (runner-up) re-make of Green Acres and be a covert operative for the CIA. She is also a writer of various mediums, has produced a couple of musical theatre concerts, and was once an intern for the US House of Representatives.  She was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, which is known for rubber manufacturing.
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IMG16Danielle Feder: Danielle is a dramaturg and producer who dreams of a world where we no longer need the Bechdel Test. Her default state of being is “emotional about musicals,” and for most of high school and college she refused to listen to anything but cast recordings. She’s (probably) less pretentious now. She grew up on Long Island, and although she has worked hard to squash that accent, she can still go toe-to-toe with you in a round of Jewish Geography. Currently, she works at Signature Theatre, and is looking for new work to develop and produce. Lady playwrights, get in touch!
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Sarah Hiatt: When Sarah isn’t practicing her Oscar acceptance speech, she’s a photographer and graduate currently pursuing her MFA in photography from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. She’s always had an affinity for photography, because it allows her to control the dimensions of time and hold it in her hands. She thinks theatre is so-so and is passionate about celery—or maybe it’s the other way around, she can’t remember, because she’s too busy listening to Joni Mitchell and crying into a plate of cheeseburgers. Sarah is learning to function as a human, just trying to make it in the world one Tinder date at a time.
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Bio ImageDesiree Nasim: Born and raised on Long Island, Desiree had always dreamt of the Broadway lights until she discovered she had 0% acting ability and 100% stage fright. After designing the playbills for her former high school’s theatrical productions, she decided to put her talents to better use and pursue her passion for design. Currently attending The Fashion Institute of Technology, she holds an AAS in Communication Design and is currently working towards her BFA in Graphic Design. Typography, illustration, and publication design are her specialties. While leading a nocturnal lifestyle, Desiree is screenwriting (just by hobby not by trade). She hopes that one day her own designs will be featured under the same Broadway lights that inspired her one second and a million miles ago.
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